hi! i'm patrick carvalho dumont and i was born in Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brazil (August 1978)

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Born in Piracicaba,
São Paulo, Brazil (August 1978)
i'm a freelance print designer & illustrator
growing up as a kid, the only things I cared about
was watching cartoons, movies, skateboarding and
hanging out with my friends. my parents drove us all
over Brazil in their car, so to keep the noise down in
the car and stop me from bugging my little sister
they stuck a pad and some coloring pens in my
hands and voila!
all that time I spent watching cartoons and horror
movies on the tv was finally going to pay off as
something I could share with someone, my notepad...
today i am still drawing; it's both my love and
my labor' In the wider scope of things, nothing
has changed much... i am incapable of presenting
my work to you today, so visit the website, it would be
a much more interesting and colorful presentation.
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tor press
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2003 / 04 Computer Graphics Courses
2002 Graduated with Distinction in fine arts with a specialization in Illustration at the St-Luc Institute (Brussels)

Intrasoft International / Senior Graphic Designer from September 2008 to present / Concept and layout of printed and web-based products / Working in direct contact with the client.
Main Clients
European Institutions and Agencies: european environment agency, Commission, Parliament, European Central Bank, European Medicines Agency, Food & Veterinary Agency, European Office of Publication, Euratom, Eurostat.
Imps / Graphic Designer and Colorist / from 2007 to 2008 / Creation of packagings, toys, and comics for the Smurfs.
Freelance Projects for
Groen! / Lampiris / Groupe One / Ibge / Baita center / Molinay / Recyclart / Rafales / Blowup / Alfonce / Attica / Brxl Bravo / Tanneurs Theather / Flatspot Magazine / Sampa / Elzenhof / Graton Ed. / Imps Ed. / Smurfs / Brusk / Sociedade Criativa / Zabor / HomeMade / ...

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zine C by tor press
uk 2010
Revista Simples #43
Brazil 2007
Business Cards 3
Designs on Saying Hello
Laurence King Publishing LTD
UK 2009
Smart Designs
Business Cards
Pie Books Co.
Japan 2009
arthothèque wolubilis / more info here
T.A.G! Traffic Art Gallery
(will make photos for eyes / Brussels 10)
T.A.G! Traffic Art Gallery
(will make art for food / Brussels 10)
T.A.G! Traffic Art Gallery
(Runy & Mata7ik show / Brussels 09)
Congrès station
(Runy solo show / Brussels 09)
(nonewenemies / Brussels 09)
Design Center
(Moustache / Runy / Antwerp 08)
white hotel
(Moustache / Runy / brussels 08)
Truc-Troc Brussels Bozar (Crap / 08)
Moustache Collectif (Bruxelles 07)
Z33 tentoonstelling
(Runy / Front for You, Hasselt 08)
Wak tentoonstelling
(Crap / Brussels 07)
Dolce Vita, Qwality street exhib
(Crap / Brussels 06)
Beautiful Losers
(Olho / do it yourself, Lille Tri Postal 06)
Skate event
(Crap / Recyclart, Brussels 04)
Du jump au skatepark
(Crap / Recyclart, Brussels 04)
Skate event
(Crap / Rouge Brique, Charleroi 04)
Skaters exhibition
(Crap / La Zone, Liège 04)
Skate event
(Crap / Recyclart, Brussels 03)